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Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage Sabre 1.5 cc Diesel Rebuild Project


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Vintage Sabre 1.5 cc Diesel Rebuild Project
Circa 1955

Design History:
Designed in the U.K by the DC company a direct descendant of the Davies-Charlton organization which had produced a fine line of engines since 1946.

Design Features:
Front through the crankshaft induction;
steel cylinder liner;
cast iron piston and counter-piston;
anodized aluminum cooling cylinder with integral fins;
bronzed journal bearing.

Displacement 1.5 cc

I purchased my Sabre on eBay but after examination it was clear this was another candidate for a complete rebuild.

 The first problem was the dis-assembly of this gummed up old engine with minimum additional damage. 

 The slow application of heat and thin oil is the best way to achieve this: resist the temptation to torque the head before the piston and sleeve is freed up. 

The first step successfully completed

 Below: the engine after the extensive rebuild; set up and ready for the test run, follow all the steps recorded in detail in the eBook, available below  

You will see this in the video: after a lot of hand cranking and fussing it was I found that the real problem to getting the engine running was a blocked fuel filter and fuel was not getting through, even with the needle set 5 full turns open 

Success at last

Watch the video on YouTube to observe the step by step process

Observations continued:
Uploaded by valic000 on Feb 19, 2012
Today I like to show you my latest rebuild work. Its the DC Sabre 1,5cc. I bought him cheap on ebay in very bad condition. Nothing special, but DC is a interresting company. No other company stay so long on the market. First the background. The DC engines had a very long history in England. Just after the second world war was the begin if a very succesful range of model engines. The company had its roots dating back to 1946. Davies-Charlton engineering firm made different kinds of precision items. Hefin Davies got his very early start at Rolls Royce as a skilled toolmaker. He knew very well how to make precision parts. The range of engines span from1946 ..the DC wildcat 5,3 cc diesel then in 1947, the DC 350, from 1950 up until the the sweet little bambi, Dart,Merlin and Spitfire to just name a few.Also was a very sucessful time together with the Albon company. If I remember right,DC produced from 1948 till end 1982.But only this first 25 years was very succesful.The later period was only a strugel for survive and taking over of the companis and restarts.The golden age was 1948 -1965.
But they leafe a lot good behind for the model engine world.
The Merlin,Sabre,spitfire was known also as have bad conrods and wristpins.Like I found in my engine,the rod is far to soft,and the wristpin not hardend.But most engines have some things to worry about.Only the Mills are superb,.....but thats ofcourse a different class.

Thanks for interrest.More engines on my channel...you are welcome to suscribe!


Read all the details of this Rebuild Project

Read this Story in Part one of our Book  

Vintage Sabre 1.5 cc Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Table of contents2
2Engine data3
3Engine disassembly5
4Parts inspection8
5Cosmetic refinishing10
6Making new connecting rod12
7Making new piston 16
7Comparing weights of new and old piston 19
8Correcting cylinder bore anomalies21
9Correcting miss-located transfer ports 24
10 Making new contra piston 26
11Engine run-in28
12Final observations31

This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000 Visual material and observations are by valic000  

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