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Sunday, September 30, 2012

German Kratmo10-4 diesel 4cc

 The big Owat 5cc ignition engine


Model KRATMO DIESEL 4cc (10-4)
Manufacturer Kratzsch Motorbau, Goessnitz, Deutschland
Distributed by Walter Kratzsch, Goessnitz, Deutschland
YOM 1953
Displacement 4 CC (0.245 cu. In.)

Diesel Power Class
2 Stroke
Fixed type carburetor without speed
Induction Sub-piston (port side)
Crankshaft on bronze journal
 Fuel Ether / kerosene / Oil
Like New Condition

Comments and visual material by YouTube Channel Valic000:

Today I run the huge massive Kratmo10-4 model diesel engine.Its in excellent like new condition. I was really quite surprised about its weight,...almost a half kg! Mr.Kratsch made a lot different types of spark and diesel engines from around 1938 up until 1955 approximately s. as far as I know. My engine has in the front a cover,where the main bearing is,so I assume it also housed the contact breaker of the ignition system, when built as spark ignition engine. All his engines can be easy recognized from the style with which he built his model engines.Very massive when compare the Russian K-16 which is also around 4 cc displacement and its weight is only maybe 1/3 of the weight of the Kratmo. But who cared about weight in those days? It was all about power and ease of starting that's what mattered. I also show a Photo of the big Owat 5cc engine. This will also be a very interesting rebuild project someday. A lot parts missing, and damaged, but the compression is great. A nice winter project! I am not sure if this Kratmo-10 4 is ever build as a replica, but this engine could be also the real thing. But it looks so new, its hard to believe that its a genuine engine. Maybe I am wrong here? If somebody knows more about that issue,please contact me. Many more great vintage diesels and rebuild projects on my channel,and more others will be released in the future. Feel free to subscribe. Thanks for watching! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

British PAW 2.5 cc Diesel

Version featured in this [age is the RC engine equipped with a primitive but effective throttle and mufti-positional muffler

Design History:-
Designed and Manufactured in England by the Progress Aero Works, of Macclesfield.

Design Features:-
Front induction; radial porting; simple effective carburetor; radial exhaust ports and exhaust collector ring with variable exhaust muffler positions

Displacement: 2.47 cc
Bore 15.16 mm
Stroke: 13.67 mm

This model airplane engine was all gummed up and virtually frozen from years of storage after use. After an hour or so of softening the old oil and turning by hand she is shown here all freed up and anxious to run again.