Thursday, November 6, 2014


 Sparky from the same company some weeks earlier!
 its small diesel brother 
 Drone Diesel

 a bench run of my Air-o-diesel.

my Air-O-diesel

Published on 2 Nov 2014 Welcome back for a this time no rebuild story, but just a bench run of my Air-o-diesel. The engine is in need of a good overhaul, but yet still in a decent condition for a good run. Last time, 2 months ago I tryed to start the engine, and it was next to impossible to make it run....The compression was so bad, it wouldn't run. After my arm almost fell off, I stopped flipping I decided not too push it...well not until today. I add some extra 15 w 40 engine oil to my standard fuel mix and maybe that will do the trick. So as you see, now it starts pretty easily. Like I wrote in the clip, the USA never got the diesel wave, that got us here in Europe, but still they have made some very good diesel engines, or I should say, compression ignition engines. I have also some small McCoy diesels, and those are really great runners. They are a match, anytime, for a Webra Taifun, or a ED Bee to name a just a few. The fits and finish of the USA model engines are also very good in my opinion...only the one little notorious demon...the Deezil is the exception and it cast a dark shadow over the US model diesel engine community in those early days....Its a real shame, as the concept of the Deezil was not that bad at all. It outran even the E.D Competition Special by a small margin for maximum rpm. This little Air-O-Diesel engine I found on eBay along with its big brother the Sparky from the same company some weeks earlier! It was really cheap, still mounted in a old control line plane! On the battery was a decal...noting the year 1949. The Spark version fired up after the 3rd flick of the prop!...Just like its small diesel brother, a great engine to have and will still have enough life in it to power a plane! It will now in need of a new crankshaft bush, a new piston and bushings for the rod too, on both sides. But its still in decent condition for its age, as you can see from the clip. I hope you enjoy it too. Many thanks for the interest.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


YAMADA YS Model 60 R / C
Yamada manufacturer Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan
Distributed by Yamada Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Japan
Series / Num. Serie s / n
Year of manufacture 1973
9.95 Displacement D.C. (0,613 cu. In.)
Bore 24 mm. (0.949 in.)
Stroke 22 mm. (0.866 in.)
Glow Class
times 2
Adjustable type carburetor (with speed control)
Rotary valve intake front (crankshaft)
Inner bearing
Outer bearing
If crankcase crankshaft on
No crankshaft on bronze
Methanol Fuel / Oil
Used in Box
Comments Primer engine manufactured by this firm, designed exclusively for racing. It became a favorite choice in pattern flying. Provides the beginning of the pressurization of the fuel tank and a flow regulator to supply a large diameter carburetor. Steel jacket, with deflector piston and ring, on two bearings and crankshaft carburetor with flow regulator. Rear exhaust can be fitted with manifold pipe and tuned exhaust.Because of the delicate membrane after run oil cannot be used with this engine without serious damage.
This engine has a higher compression ratio than most model engines and consequently is very hard on glow plugs under hard running it will finish a plug in a couple of flights. I have even witnessed something that I have never seen in all my 50 years running model engines. I have landed an XLT pattern plane on at least two occasions dead-stick with the engine and propeller turning over. Once where the plug was completely missing and another occasion where the center was blown completely out leaving an open hole.