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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Foster 29 Model Ignition Enginel

Foster 29 Ignition Engine Manufactured in America Circa 1947, ball bearing shaft, rear induction.

Bore          .750 (in.)
Stroke       .672 (in.)
Capacity   0.297 (ci.)

This engine was used to power a big Red Zephyr free flight model which was modified for 3 channel radio assist: rudder; elevator and engine cut-off. The engine flew the plane adequately but could not ROG and had to be hand launched. The engine was later replaced by an O&R 60 which had more than enough power for the job. I have since sold all my ignition parts such as miniature coils and transistorized circuits, so I had to resort to using a surplus motorcycle coil and ignition battery. You can see this old girl running on full ignition and glow ignition by clicking the object below.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vintage Russian Mk 17 Diesel

Russian MK 17 1.49 cc Diesel Circa 1965


Design history-
Twin ball race designed by V. Petukov, in 1956.


Motor type:Diesel
Fuel:ether / petroleum / oil
Basic Data
Displacement:1,47 cm³
Bore:12,8 mm
stroke:11,4 mm
weight & Dimensions
Other Information
Model yearr1965
U.S.S R. (C.C.C.P.)
U..S.S.R. (C.C.C.P.)

I acquired this engine in used condition from an Ebay seller in Russia, which was a totally satisfying experience. I found that this engine was prone to flooding while being started and I had a couple of finger smashing experiences before I developed my new starting technique. Now I start it with a exhaust prime with the needle valve fully closed, then open the needle valve about one turn with the engine running and make final adjustments. Once flooded it is very difficult  to clear the surplus fuel from the crankcase. This engine, when flooded will bounce back and forth on the compression stroke for which seems like a very long time, firing under compression and burning off fuel at the same time. You can see a little bit of this at the beginning of the video clip.