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Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Circa 1987

Circa 1987

Design history:-
Designed and manufactured in Moscow Russia in the mid 1980's. 

Design Features:-
Rear induction; integral cylinder head; large advanced transport port design; die cast aluminum cylinder with a hardened steel liner, seating on its lower edge and prevented from vertical movement by a single grub-screw bearing down on a V-notch in the liner’s top edge; the cylinder assembly extends to below the exhaust port, where it is mounted to the crankcase with four M3 machine screws; and schnuerle cylinder scavenging technology

Displacement 2.5 cc
Bore 15 mm;
Stroke 14.5 mm;
Weight 180 grams


A KMD Engine shown with one style of documentation and box
Another style of packaging

Shown below mounted on test stand ready for a test run

A couple of test runs were made each time checking for speed with a hand held tachometer on one run a speed of 26,000 RPM was recorded

I have several of these fine engines and I find them particularly useful as control line competition engines.They are not quite in the same league as the Nelson or the German Bugl Team Racing engines but it is impressive in their own right and with lots of potential for further improvement. I have conducted numerous test runs of my KMD 2.5 collection to compare the performance of various stages of tuning. Here you will be able to witness performances of a standard Factory KMD 2.5 cc. with one of my tuned engines. Both tests are conducted using the same 8x4 prop, the same tachometer and same 50% petroleum mixture.
Proof of the accuracy of my tachometer:
The standard engines should run from the factory about 13000-14000 rpm. with 0,34 hp.The first engine is tested with the 3,4 mm venture and the readings like suspected were right on as predicted, so we can conclude that the tachometer is recording accurately.
A RACE TUNED KMD 2,5 cc CAN RUN + 26000 RPM!!!
Over the last 30 years, I tuned a lot of engines and read a lot books about the gas flow in a combustion engines..I my next clip I ran the engine at 26000 rpm. 
The Russian engines are well known for dirt inside.You can find almost anything inside from metal chips to grinding paste. So a good cleaning is essential with these engines. The second thing I recommend is to change the ball bearings. The quality of Russian bearings were not to up to the same standard in the 1980's as here in the west today and secondly; the dirt from sitting in the box for 30 years can also be detrimental to performance.The Factory move to another location with new management. Unfortunately these changes also brought with it, far less quality control. Which is evident by lower quality of the new White Head engines, than existed, with the older Black Heads.
I have also a nice link on model engine news. Its more of a back ground story, but very interesting.The engines were made in a military plant near Moscow, the plant was established with the primary goal to exported to the west. That's why its a more of a quality product than the other engines, that came from the same factory; like the mk-17 and the Map3.

After Tuning

This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000

This amazing engine is capable of swinging a really big propeller if required. Watch how well it turns a Master Airscrew 11X6 inch.


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  2. Hey David. How do i race tune my KMD to run 26000 rpm, hope you can help me
    See you
    Jesper from Denmark