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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Russian Junior CO2 Motor

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The Junior Motor comes complete and in ready for mounting and flight. The box includes a smooth working charging adapter, which does the job every time without leaks and wasted gas which is often not the case with other motors. Also included is the CO2 tank and tubing. There is also a repair kit which includes a excellent selection of spare parts for items that tend to wear out over time. The operating manual is entirely written in Russian  which may at first  seem to be a disadvantage to those of us who don't understand a word of Russian, but it is really not, Tthe booklet is so well illustrated one has no trouble understanding how the motor works and how to maintain and operate it.

Displacement of 0.27 cubic centimeters Useful speed range of 3000 plus or minus 500 revolutions per minute;
Propeller size 178 millimeters.
I have tried quite a few different types of CO2 motors for powering my tiny flying model airplanes, some cheaper and others considered expensive, but I have found none better than this Russian made CO2 Engine recommended for model airplanes up to 28 inch wingspan.

Click the Play Button of the object below to view a short video clip of the the Junior motor running as mounted in a 28 inch free flight model airplane.

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Cox .010 TD Running Against K&B Infant

The 1950 K & B .049, and the  1949 K & B Infant .020 along with the 1960's Cox Tee Dee .010 model airplane engines were run on 15% nitro glow fuel with a similar needle valve adjustment (1.5 turns open) and the recommended propeller sizes installed.

To witness first hand the performance advances of a decade of small 2 stroke engine development watch the short video by clicking the object below.

Monday, January 11, 2010

K & B 1/2 A Torpedo (Stallion) Model Airplane Engine

K & B .049 Torpedo Glow Model Airplane Engine first introduced in 1950 by K & B Manufacturing Company in The United States of America.

Displacement       0.049 Cubic Inches

Click the object below to view a short video clip showing this little engine running rich on 15% nitro 20% caster glow fuel.

Vintage K & B Infant Torpedo .020

The K and B "Infant Torpedo" .020 Was first produced in The United States of America in 1949. This little gem was an instant favorite with young people because it was easy starting and featured a integral fuel tank making  it easy to mount and operate.

The original design as an .010 but it was found that an engine of this tiny displacement just wouldn't run reliably, so the displacement was increased to .020 cubic inches. One week after introduction in 1949 they had orders for 280,000 engines. 

Displacement of a mere .020 cubic inches or (0.328 cc)

The Infants small size meant that  it could be used in very small models which were easy to build and to fly. The design was also manufactured in a .035 size version in 1950 which could be recognized by its 4 fin cylinder, where the smaller engine sported 5 fins.

Click the object below to see this vintage engine classic running rich on 15 % Nitro Glow Fuel.

Cox .010 World's Smallest Model Airplane Engine

The Cox .010 was credited as being the world's smallest production Model Airplane Engine, with a displacement of a mere 0.010 cubic inches or (0.164 CC). The small size of the Cox TD 010 can be appreciated if one considers it's relative size to that of the U.S. Quarter coin. The TD name selected by Cox to associate with his new breed of little powerhouses is derived from the Thimble Drone name which is in turn associated to his line of midget racing  cars to signify small size, speed and power all at the same time.

The Cox .010 is out of production and is no longer available. The engine featured in the video clip below sat on a shelf for years and I would pick it up from time to time to flip the propeller and marvel at it's high compression and high standards of precision manufacturing that went into it's production. After all those years of sitting in a box and gathering dust,when one day  I just couldn't resist having a go at running it for myself.

Specifications: Displacement: .010 CI   (.164 CC);
                         Weight: .05 Oz; (1.4 grams);
                         Maximum RPM 30000 1/min on its 3 x 1.25 inch propeller.

Click the Play Button on the object below to see the little demon running on a rich mixture of 15% nitro fuel it will really turn up the revs when leaned out and fueled with 40% Missile Mist: it will literally scream. 

Vintage ED Bee MK 1 Diesel Model Airplane Engine Runs on Home Made Fuel

Click the link Below to Browse the Diesel Book

Circa 1950

Design History :-
Designed and manufactured in England in the early 1950's

Design Features:-
Rear induction;
Aluminium crank case;
Aluminium cooling fins;
Attached fuel tank, 


Engine Type:Diesel
Basic Data
Displacement:0,983 cm³
Bore:7 mm
Stroke:205 mm
Weight and Dimensions
Other Information
Model Year1951
Electronic Developments, (Surrey) Ltd.
E.D. Kingston on Thames, Surrey, England


ED Bee Mk 1 1.0 cubic centimeter displacement, manufactured in England in the 1950's. It was famous for it's ease of starting and reliability. See this little gem run on homemade fuel. I made this fuel using aa mixture of 60 % lamp fuel, 20% Castor ol and 20% Cold Engine Quick Start (Ether).  This was how she looked before she was fitte with a custom made compression screw and needle valve assembly.

Special thanks to engine collector L.M. Rojo and RC Network, for material shown in this page. 

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Herkimer OK Cub 14

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The Herkimer OK Cub 14 Vintage Glow Model Airplane Engine was designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. circa 1952. The design featured a unique array of 4 radial exhaust ports and transfer channels.These engines were intended for control line and free flight use. The 14 size was part of a line of  engines all of similar design and ranged in displacements from 0.039 to 0.19 cubic inches. This popular engine design was considered to be light and powerful in it's time

Displacement           0.149 Cubic Inches;
Bore                        0.60 Inches;
Stroke                     0.53 Inches;
Weight                     2.25 Ounces;
Max Speed              15,000 RPM      

Two versions of this engine are shown here running with tractor and pusher propellers on 15% Nitro Glow Fuel and swinging 10X6 inch propellers. The pusher version was probably intended for powering boats. Note the difference in the two versions is the thrust bearing on the pusher located just aft of the drive washer.

Click the object below to see a short video of these two versions running. Warning Very Noisy!!!!

O&R 23 Deluxe Antique Model Airplane Engine

Glow Version

Manufactured in 1949 by Ohlson and Rice this upgraded glow version of an ignition engine features a roller bearing supported crank shaft and front intake. Click on the object below to watch this old girl run again.

Ignition Version

O & R Motor F 23 (1948)

Technical data:

O & R Model 23
Ohlsson and Rice Mfg manufacturer. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Distributed by Ohlsson & Rice Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Series / Num. 444 612 Series
Year of manufacture 1948
Displacement 0,232 cu. in. (3.80 CC.)
0.6875 in diameter. (11-16 in.) (17.46 mm.)
Bore 0,625. (5/8 in.) (15,875 mm.)
Spark ignition type  (later Glow)
times 2
Fixed type carburetor unregulated
Intake valve rotatable front (crankshaft)
Inner bearing Yes - Thrust
No outer bearing
No crankcase crankshaft on
If crankshaft on bronze
Gasoline / Oil (Nitro and Castor for glow version)
Used Condition
Comments engine with front-admission through the crankshaft, has all the features of Ohlsson,cooling fins integrated into the sleeve with integrated cylinder head. It has a thrust bearing between the crankshaft and the crankcase. All features developed by this brand and copied by many of its competitors.