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Monday, March 26, 2012

Kestrel 1,9 cc diesel aprox 1949

Kestrel 1.9 cc Diesel
Circa 1949

Design History:
The Kestrel was a budget version of 2 cc Falcon designed and developed in England by the "K" Model Engineering Company after the takeover of  the Kemp operation in mid 1948.

Design Features:
Front induction,
bronze bushed crankshaft and big end connecting rod journals;
ball end upper connecting rod to piston connection.

Displacement 1.9 cc


Falcon 2/0 cc Circa 1949

Marketed as a low priced alternative but with features like a ball end connecting rod and a bronze shaft journal it was very good value

Observations Continued:

Nice well made British diesel. The K company made a few nice engines like the Keagel 1cc and the Volture.The Falcon did not have ab easy time, because the competition was fearsome in england in those days. The Elfins and ED engines were selling very well at the time. It was kind of trick to introduce a "new engine"...but it was an old design in a new jacket. People say the Kestrel was made from a lot spare parts that were in the first place made for the Falcon....but the Falcon was not selling as well as was hoped...that's why the Kestrel came on the market. Maybe a second obstacle was the introducing of the 2,5 cc class for competition. So all 2 cc engines were suddenly no longer suitable for serious competition.
I can only spake of my engine...and he is very well made, still with the original piston, no play in the crankshaft, original in great shape...
Thanks for interrest!


This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000 Visual material and observations are by valic000 

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  1. I had one of these engines when I was a boy in 1954 and had much fun with it. I am hoping to find the engineering drawings for it one day. Thanks for making this posting,