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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pfeffer 2.5 cc Diesel

Pfeffer 2.5 cc Diesel
Circa 1954

Modern over square combustion chamber design with rear induction
Dual ball bearing crankshaft support 

Pictured here with two other Pfeffer engines

With the right racing blend fuel and a 8.5X 4 propeller this engine is capable of 30,000 RPM

Shown here at optimum settings on it`s very first run

Specifications and Technical data:

PFEFFER 2.5 D model;
Manufacturer Josef Pfeffer, Brno, Czech Republic;
Distributed by NBN Replicas, Czech Republic;
Series / Series No. 270;
approximate Year of manufacture 2000
2.47 Displacement d.c. (0.151 cu. In.);
Bore 15 mm. (0.591 in.);
Stroke 14 mm. (0.551 in.);
Diesel power class cycle 2;
Fixed type carburetor (no speed control);
Induction rear rotary valve;
inner bearing yes;
 outer bearing yes;
Fuel  ether, kerosene, oil;
Condition New In Box
Replica of the famous engine made ​​by Josef Pfeffer engines, built using modern materials and techniques.

Uploaded by valic000 on Mar 20, 2012
Here we have a very nice chech teamracer from 1954.It was designd by Josef Pfeffer,one of the biggest names in the chech model engine world.He makle a lot very nice and interresting engines,but in smal numbers.Exeptions and the most known are the smal diesels with the square head.Also the Letmo 2,5cc diesel replica is wel known engine.
This short stroke engine have twin ball races,drumvalve intake and 4 transferflutes.I am absolutly sure to read somewhere, that the engine can run around 20,000 rpm, if run in properly, with a race fuel and a small prop.In the manual is write down only 11000 rpm.That`s actually a very low number for a engine with these futures. But also they recommend a 9x4 prop, the smalest for control line contest shoud be a 8x4.
I am sure,that the engine can give moore than 11,000.The manual say also 40% ether/35% castor and only 25% petroleum.Usualy a race mix have 45% petroleum, 25 aether and 28% castoroil with some smal amount of ignition improver
Never the less, its a lovely engine, made in limited batches of 500 units.

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  1. Does anyone have a manual for the Pfeffer 2.5 cc model engine replica? A reprint would be fine.