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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Enya 19 MK V Glow Engine

The Enya 19 IV was Designed and manufactured in Japan in the mid 1960's this engine was considered by those who ran them as being "one tough engine". I remember mine with fondness as it never let me down, easy starting and smooth running. It was the only engine that successfully powered my then new P. E. Norman Designed Fokker Dr 1 Triplane with galloping ghost control system to a beautifully controlled flight.

The Enya 19 IV  featured  a "square " 2 stroke design.

bore/stroke 16mm X 16mm and available only in plain bearing;
0.24 HP at 11,750 RPM

The Enya 19-V Model 4005 was introduced in 1970 featured an "over square design.

bore/stroke 16.5mm X 15mm which was available in a twin ball-race model;
0.28 HP at nearly 13,000 RPM with muffler

Click on the Object below to see the starting and running of this fine old engine.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Brown Junior 60 Ignition Engine

Above are the patent drawing issued for Bill Brown's Engine
The engine Bill constructed in his Dad's workshop for his school design project in 1930

Below: My Recent Ebay Purchase
Brown Junior D Model or B Model?
How do I tell the difference?
 Equipped with an adjustable choke

Displacement 0.601 Cubic Inches;
Bore 7/8 inches;
Stroke 1 inch;
Horse power 1/5;
Weight 8 ounces;
Propeller 14 inches;
Speed 6200 R.P.M.

Running my recent Ebay purchase:-
After taking the time to gather the pieces and wire up a power transistor ignition circuit, I was disappointed to discover that the sparkplug was smashed and a full ignition run was out of the question. I did have an old champion glow plug laying around so I installed it and gave the old girl a run anyway just to listen to that long stroke sound.

This summer (2015) I was able to locate another old spark plug and attempt to realize a lifelong quest, by running the Brown Jr. on full ignition.
The video below demonstrates how we made out.

The Brown "B" was produced by Junior Morors Corp in 1934 at Philadelpelphia, PA. and for years this engine captured many flying contests and held manyrecords for model airplanes.

One notable achievement is an award to "Wm. L. Brown Jr., for Gasoline Powered Flight, 2 Hrs. 35 Min., 35-1/5 sec., May 28, 1934." where a Junior powered model was tracked on a cross country flight and returned to the originating point by a full size chase plane. This unbelievable accomplishment captured the attention of the modeling world which assured the success of brand for many years.   

Click the Play Button of the object below to view a short video showing the original Model "B" engines being assembled and flown back in 1934 as well as a modern scaled down replica running on full ignition.

The following information is from Collect Air Vintage Model Engines.

This engine is the Brown D, manufactured by Junior Motors from 1938 through 1942. The configuration of this engine, along with the placement of the serial number, 15032 D, shown on top of the lug, suggests that it was built in 1939 which was the peak year for production of the "D" engine (16,600 built) although the "bump" timer arm presumably didn't come out until a year or two later. The "D" is equipped with piston rings.

So now it appears that my new purchase from an EBAY seller is actually a D model and not a B model as advertised. 

Latest Old Brown Junior

Factory Data Sheet.

The internal components of a disassembled engine

My new question is: how does one know how to locate the cam on the crankshaft when there are 4 different choices and only 1 is the correct one for running?

Ray's Engine Running Nicely (see comments below) 
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