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Monday, September 26, 2011

Super Atom 1.8 cc Diesel

Circa 1949 


Swept Volume: 1.81ccm0.11 cu-in
Recommended rpm:4000-6500 r.p.m.
Recommended prop:11"x5" -- 12” x 5”

The engine featured here is an  orginal Super Atom 1.8cc diesel.It's a real sweet little engine.but a slightly different from the  the normal Atoms and replicas by the ring, that connects the cylinder to the crankcase . Another special future is the piston's rare construction details .There is always a problem to find a proper way,prevent the piston pin moving in the channels inside the cilinder.Mister Hruska, the designer, made a kind of (perliet) "cocon", with inside thread.
Inside the piston is a aluminium socket with the same thread,which is holding the pin.so its a "closed in" pin.! A very clever solution,...also very light. Most Chech engines have also an aluminium contra piston that keeps the weight down,easy cold adjustment, and also very tight fit when engine warm up! Smart solution.
For this engine I had to make a new piston because the orginal was not good enough for running .I made a special ftapper, M 9 X 1mm from silver steel to make it possibel to cut a tread inside the piston. Now it runs just fine with great compression.

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this interesting little engine


Special thanks to YouTube Channel valic000, and Engine Collector J.M.Rojo for material shown in this page. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ENYA 46 4C

ENYA 46 4 C :- This is a second generation 4 stroke engine produced in Japan by ENYA Metal Products in early 80's to mid 80's. 

The Design:- 

Enya  40 Size - 4 Stroke R/C Engine

The basic design was so good Enya also produced it as a  diesel engine. They converted the slightly smaller version the 41 – 4 C engine into a 6.7 cc four stroke diesel. Outwardly the engine appears to be a diesl’ized’ version on the 41 Glow Four |Stroke, the engine in reality differs much internally.

The diesel version has a cast iron piston and a steel liner, which is more traditional for a diesel engine arrangement. The 41-4 C Glow features a ringed aluminium piston.

The diesel conrod is made to take the strain, it is double bushed and forged – much stronger and much heavier than the glow version. The crank shaft is heavier to. A diesel relies on compression to work and so the stresses on an engine are far great than a glow.
Specifications of the ENYA 46:-
Type - 4 Stroke Nitro Glow Ignition;

- Single cylinder;
- Displacement: 0.46 cubic inches (7.49 cc);
- Bore: 0.878 
In. (22.3 mm);
- Stroke 0.756 In. (19.2 mm);
- Shaft: 1/4X28;
- Weight (with muffler): 13.93 
oz (395 g);
- Max RPM 14,000;
- Propeller size 10 X6 to 13 X 5;
- Power .75 hp at 12,500 (55 W)

Design Features:- 
 2 Bearing crankshaft;
Rear mounted valve train (front glow plug);
Removable front bearing housing;
Ringed aluminium piston with steel cylinder liner;
Single needle carburator with built in choke

Personal Observations:-
I acquired my 46 used with a Goldberg J-3 Cub on floats. This engine adequatly powered the Cub for a time but take-off runs became longer over time until eventually, there just wasn't enough power to become air borne. Tear down revealed serious rusting of the main bearings so serious that bearing replacement alone would not be enough to affect a permanent repair so, the complete front housing assembly was replaced.
The serious corrosion probably resulted from my lack of experience with four stroke engines. The engine was stored with out getting rid of all of the water ingested due to float flying. I should have used some sort of after run procedure, such as running the engine dry of fuel and applying after run oil to the internal engine components before putting it into winter storage.
A word of warning, never use a clip-on type glow driver while operating this type of engine because of the of the close proximity of glow plug to the propeller arc, instead use a remote glow driver set-up.      

View a short video clip featuring the ENYA 46 running after a major overhaul and long term storage:-

ENYA 41-4C diesel engine R/C 6.64 cc


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Monday, September 12, 2011

OS Max H 40 P

OS Max H 40 P:- This is an early 2 stroke engine produced in Japan in early mid 60's. The 40 P series engines were popular at that time for Goodyear Pylon Racing which was just being introduced at that time.


Type 2 Stroke Nitro Glow Ignition
Displacement Capacity 6.5 cc (0.397 ci.)
Bore 20.6 mm (.811 in.)
Stroke 19.5 mm (.786 in.)
Practical RPM Range 2,500 to 14,000
Weight .275 grams (9.7 oz.)

Design Features:- 
 Aluminium Piston
Steel Cylinder Liner
Bearing supported Crankshaft
Cross Flow Scavenged Porting

Personal Observations:-
This engine was purchased in the mid 1970's for scale RC Goodyear racing. This was a time when engines were being sold without mufflers and there was a school of thought at the time that our engines were not designed to run with the back pressure created by a muffler. Du Bro introduced their solution, a muffler said to produce almost no back pressure, they called it the Muffl-Air. Just to prove I was a responsible aero-modeler I installed a Muffl-Air on my OS H 40 P.
Most model airplane kit manufacturers were selling kits of scale racers this engine was used in a scale racer called La Jolita produced by Williams brothers, this was their first and only attempt at full flying model airplane kit manufacturing. The kit included many molded parts cheek cowls, cockpit, canopy, turtle deck, wing ribs, wheels, spinner and of course one of the Brother's famous pilot figures.    

View a short video clip featuring the OS MAX H 40 P engine:-

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pfeffer 0.6 cc Model Diesel Engine

Displacement - 0.6 cc

Very nicely made engine with a high quality finish, lovely details, smooth starting and nice running.

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this interesting little engine

Special thanks to YouTube Channel valic000, Ebay Seller originalmodelengineman and Engine Collector J.M.Rojo for material shown in this page.