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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

JENA 2.0 cc

JENA 2.0 cc
Circa 1960

Design History:
Manufacturer VEB Carl Zeiss, Jena, DDR
Distributed by VEB Carl Zeiss, Jena, DDR
Year of manufacture 1962

Design Features:
engine type diesel 2 stroke;
Short stroke combustion chamber;
steel cylinder liner;
three radial transfers channels and exhaust ports; 

rear induction; and,
crankshaft  supported on inner and outer ball bearing;

displacement 1.97 c.c. (0.120 cu. In.);
bore 13.9 mm. (0.547 in.); and,
stroke 13.0 mm. (0.512 in.)


JENA 2.0cc Blue Head from the 1960's a beautifully made precision Team-Racer
Blue and Black Head versions shown below

Three radial ports clearly shown below
Crankshaft running on two large ball bearings
Very easy starting engine with rear induction via a reed valve but the strange thing is that this particular engine will only run in the counter clockwise direction 
This run was made with an 8X6 inch pusher propeller fitted

Uploaded by valic000 on Mar 20, 2012
This nice engine is almost as old as me, but starts much easier than me in the morning.Maybe I should put some ether in my morning coffee.... ha,ha!..
The Carl Zeiss JENA company has a long tradition of making high precision parts: mostly for the optical industry.Like lenses, microscopes and cameras to name just a few.
They started in the early 50's to make model engines as a sideline. They have the "know how when it comes to precision manufacturing. When I first heard of the JENA diesels, I was sure it was not a very good engine, but as it was in the former DDR,. I have since changed my opinion, because they are in fact made very well. Once I ran the 2,5 cc when the propeller came off: it continued to run for a few seconds without it's propeller; any other diesel engine under those circumstances would have broken it's shaft:, not so with the JENA, .I was very happy that it survived my mistake; an unbelievable experience, as I recall.
JENA made a lot engines, like the famous 1cc with the trumpet intake in front. This engine I will run soon too.
The most interresting engine from JENA is with no doubt the Zeiss Pioneer II from around 1950. They called this engine the "U-Boot", since it really does look like a submarine. This is a very rare and expensive engine.... if found.Maybe they are replicas made....love to have him in my collection!
That's it folks, thanks for dropping in and see you soon! More on my channel Vallic001.


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