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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Super Tiger G 31 1.5 cc

Super Tiger G 31 1.5 cc
Circa 1957

 Meet the Screamer

Design History:-
 Designed and manufactured in Italy in 1957 by the talented engine designer Jaures Garofali.

Design Features:-
Rear induction;
almost square combustion chamber;
2 bearing supporting crankshaft; and 
removable front bearing housing

Engine Type: Diesel
Fuel: Ether/Petroleum/Öil
Cycle: 2T
Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 1,47 cm³
Bore: 12,5 mm
Stroke: 12 mm
Other Information
Model year 1956
Micromeccanica Saturno, Bologna, Italia
Micromeccanica Saturno, Bologna, Italia

The famous Super tiger is indeed a very nice engine. Today I will show you my G31. Its a real screamer! I bought the engine on ebay, from a seller in Italy. The compression screw and needle was missing, also some cosmetic cleaning was needed,but the engine himself was in great condition!
Jaures Garofali worked in his small workshop, that was more a house than real factory, on all those fantastic engines in Saturno /Bolonia in Italy.
He was very talented as a engineer and designer and many of his famous engines won a lot prizes in competitions.The engines especially the diesels are nice vintage engines, and so the price for collectors is a little bit on the high side. But its worth the money, because its a great, impressive and famous engine!
In my clip you will be a witness of the power, that the little screamer delivered.
I have 3 diesel "tigers" and all of them are real powerhouses
and a pleasure to just look at......kind of a Ferrari sort of model diesels.....like the Italian Rossi engines, high performance beaut,.. well build with ambition & passion for this little jewels!

Watch this little screamer do its thing in this short clip.


This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000 Visual material and observations are by valic000

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