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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Russian MK 16 Rebuild Project

Russian MK 16
Circa 1954

Design history-
Twin ball race first designed by V. Petukov of the U.S.S.R. in 1954. and improved over 2 decades.


Engine type:Diesel
Fuel:ether / petroleum / oil
Basic Data
Displacement:1,47 cm³
Bore:12,8 mm
stroke:11,4 mm
weight & Dimensions
Other Information
Model year1965
U.S.S R. (C.C.C.P.)
U..S.S R. (C.C.C.P.)

Russian MK 16 Refurbishment Project:-

 Early example of MK 16 engine
 Early and later types of MK 16 engines shown
 This is what we hope to create by the time the restoration is completed
 This is what we are starting with

Hello again for a very interesting episode. In this clip I show you, how I make my pistons self. Its a part of the rebuild of my MK-16, circa.1956.
I use always old car engine camshafts.With that material( high grade cast iron) I got good results in the past. I have done a lot pistons so far, but in the beginning, I lost a lot work, because the experience was lacking.The diesels got more closer tolerances than a glow engines,because of the high compression.
The old MK-16 was in very bad shape, impossible to be a runner in that condition.The rear disc was worn out, the 2 bearings, very bad, even one broken....the prop collector was not from this engine (and broken also) and the most important thing, it had no compression at all.
I buy a lot special tools,what makes it possible, to do this work. But its still a kind "on the edge" job. Its not easy to do it with this hobby equipment.
In 2 evenings with each more then 2,5 hours, It was finally done.
...But I make a mistake ( also in the text,ha,ha) ... I should first make the final size with the grinding as first...and after that,drill the wrist pin hole. .Because the holes have a influence on the grinding pattern, its more accurate to grind a closed surface.
Because of that mistake, I got extra work, to get the piston lapped well and sealing well.Its now OK, but next time I must not forget it...save much time, and far better result!
Watch this longish video if you would like to follow the process step by step.
Part 1 Video

Russian MK 16 Refurbishment Project Part 2

 Picking up from where we left off; the next step is to ream the rear disc to accept the larger disc shaft from the donor MK 17 engine.

Below: the rebuilt engine on the test stand after a very lengthy rebuilding which included; the making of a new set of pistons; changing the main bearings and extensive repairs to the rear rotor valve  
 The moment of truth
Fuel mix with extra oil added and a 8 X 8 Propeller fitted
 A Runner again

In the second part you can see actually the most part of the making. Some people think its a lot of time for such a small part...It is of course,but I got a running engine for my collection back for it.And every engine rebuild is different.Nothing is the same,...that's the nice thing.And I learn o lot from it!
Thanks for the interest and  drooping in.
Moore stuff is waiting...soon here of course!
Ratings and comments are welcome.
Part 2


This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000 Visual material and observations are by 

Read the complete details of this rebuild project

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Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Engine data4
2Repairing rear rotor disc6
3Making new piston 10
4Observations part 119
5Finishing new piston and wrist pin20
6Piston lapping procedure30
7Fitting the wrist pin33
8Running-in procedure34
9Final observations37

Read this Book Free at our Reading Room  

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