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Friday, December 9, 2011

Letmo 2.5 cc diesel ,MP-Jet replica - YouTube

Letmo 2.5 cc Diesel MP-Jet replica

Design History:-
Designed in the Czech Republic 

Design Features:-
Long stroke;
rear induction;
iron piston with a steel cylinder sleeve;
attached fuel tank; and
aluminum crankcase and outer cylinder

Displacement 2.5 cc


Welcome back to my next short engine run. Its the Czech Letmo 2,5 cc diesel. This one is a great replica with a superb finish. This one was made with a lot of attention to details. Of course it was made on modern machines so, its a high quality product which you can use it like an every day serviceable engine because  it was made to last. The crankshaft runs in bronze bearing and the cylinder and piston fit is very nice. I can  highly recommended the engine if you like diesels it will make a excellent addition to your collection. My particular example starts extremely well.
In the past MP-Jet has made also, the Super Atom 1.8 replica which; also a great and highly recommended diesel engine. Both are also SAM approved for competition old-timers events. You can sometimes find them on E-Bay for a good price, if you are lucky!

Letmo 2,5 cc diesel ,MP-Jet replica - YouTube: "


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