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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eisfeld DV 2.5 cc Diesel

Eisfeld DV 2.5 cc Diesel

1943 Arne Hende Copy

Engines by Swiss Master Engine Replicator Arne Hende
Another Hende Masterpiece the Eisfeld DV 2.5 cc

 Equipped with a special valve for adjusting engine speed

 Symmetrically ported engine runs equally well in each direction


Design History:- 

Designed in 1943


Design Features:-

Long stroke;

rear induction;

slide by piston induction; and

attached fuel tank with adjustable intake valve.



Displacement 2.5 cc



Wonderful engine with a lot details,very well made By repro master Arne Hende. There were many different copys made from this old model diesel engine.
The special choke,the drain screw, the special filler cap,...some of the lovely details.....and a lovely sound of the long stroke side port design makes it complete!

Watch the short video clip and enjoy the sound of this fine reproduction of an old time classic performing. 


This posting is prepared in collaboration with YouTube Channel valic000 Visual material and observations are by valic000 

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