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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mills 1.3 cc MK I Diesel

Mills 1.3 cc Diesel
Circa 1947
Mills 1.3cc MK II Shown in this Shot

Design history:-
Designed and manufactured my The Mills Brothers in England in the late 1940's

Design Features:-
Long stroke;
rear induction;
aluminium crankcase and cooling fins; and
plated brass venture assembly.

Engine type: Diesel
Fuel: Ether/Petroleum/Oil
Cycle: 2T
Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 1,326 cm³
Bore: 5 mm
Stroke: 13 mm
Weights and Dimensions
Other Information
Model Year 1948
Mills Bros (Model Engineers) Ltd., Woking, UK
Mills Bros (Model Engineers) Ltd., Woking, UK

Everybody favorite, the lovely Mills mk1. The Mills Bros. made their engines with a lot passion, otherwise it would not be such a great runner and starting engine. This is one of my favorites in the jungle of my130 diesels. If turned by hand, you will already know, its a good runner by the way it feels. Smooth like silk,and breathe like a locomotive...some engines are really special and the Mills is one of them. Of that I am sure a lot people will agree.  

Watch a short video  clip of this venerable old classic running.

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  1. I have one of this little engines.
    I love the way they run.
    I found one old Mills 1.3 MK Diesel little engine in South Africa now in Irvine Ca and I would love to see it run.
    Little guy needs a fuel tank set up and the screw set up on top of the piston.
    Louis Giraud
    If any one can help me find this parts please contact me.

    Any help will be wonderful.
    Louis Giraud

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