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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

OS 50 MAX FSR Vintage Model Airplane Engine

Circa 1980

Design History :-
Designed and manufactured in Japan in 1980 by the OS Engines Manufacturing Company

Design Features:-
Single Dykes Ring at top of piston;
Aluminium Piston with Steel cylinder liner;
Schnuerle porting* with out a baffle on the piston crown;
Ball bearing supported crank shaft

Bore 0.87 inches;
Stroke 0.85 inches;
Displacement 0.50 cubic inches (8.2 cc);
Max Power 1.8  @ 18,000 RPM;
Practical speed range 2000 to 20,000 RPM;
Weight  13.8 oz

This engine is extreemly powerful for it's size developing as much power as the average 60 size engine.

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this powerful vintage engine.

Schnuerle porting is a system to improve efficiency of a valveless two-stroke engine. The intake and exhaust ports cut in the cylinder wall are shaped to give a more efficient transfer of intake and exhaust gases.

Cylinder porting viewed from the top

Cylinder porting viewed from side

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  1. Any idea what percent nitro fuel to run in this engine?