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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Russian K 16 Model Diesel Engine

 K 16 Model Diesel Engine

Circa 1949

Design History :-
Designed and manufactured in Russia in the late 1940's and early 1950's

Design Features:-
Iinverted carburetor with updraft intake;
Novel fuel tank location;

Displacement 4.4 cc;
Long stroke cylinder design

This was a restore project of this rare old Russian diesel engine. It was in nice condition, but it had no compression at all when first acquired, so starting it was not possible in this condition.

The new piston was made from an old car engine camshafts. Its of very high quality cast iron and was machined on an EMCO 3 Unimat lathe.

The cylinder is from hardened steel, so it required grinding with diamond paste and a honing stick made specially for this job.

This first run was made with a lot of Castor oil in the fuel and a rich mixture needle valve setting.

Russian K-16 ,4.4 cc Model Diesel Engine, aprox. 1949 for free flight/ control line - YouTube: ""

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  1. Hi David, I like your site! Can you tell me about the venturi assembly on your K16? Is the hole in the venturi facing up toward the crankshaft or down toward the ground? I have one and am curious to know how yours is set. Best wishes, Justin.