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Monday, October 31, 2011

MVVS 2.5 cc DFSR-RC diesel

Circa 1956

Design History :-
Made in the Czech republic in 2010 no longer in production.

Engine type: Diesel
Fuel: Ether/Kerosene/Oil
Cycle: 2T
Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 2,474 cm³
Bore: 15 mm
Stroke: 14 mm
Weight and Measurments
Other Data
Model Year 1956
MVVS spol., Brno, Czech Republic

The engine that we will run today is powerful engine for it's size with a superb finish. Made in the Czech republic in 2010.Its one of the last engines that they produced. Production has finished which is really shame since this engine have a lot to offer to the competition minded aero-modeller. . The ENYA SS25, the PERRA 2,5 d,and this one are superb maker engines. If you don't "abuse" them but just use ,they will last for a long time.
Once the engine is run in the initial settings are found,the engine start very well, no matter warm or cold. The factory promise about 0,7 hp and with a 7X4 propeller it should spins at 24000 rpm. My readings show, it was just out the picture, to show at only 13.000 rpm with a 8X6 prop. Its also pick up throttle very well. My engine is still not free up yet, it has  in total, maybe 30 minutes of run time. When it's fully run it will be a very strong runner.
The mix was 40% kerosene, 29% ether, 29% castor oil,and 2 % cetan booster

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this interesting little engine:

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