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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dyno 2.0 cc Model Diesel Engine

Circa 1940

Design History :-
Designed and manufactured in Switzerland in the early 1940's

Design Features:-
Rear induction;
Steel cylinder;
Aluminium crank case;
Aluminium cooling fins;
Attached suspended fuel tank, 
Commonly referred to as the father of the modern model diesel;

Displacement 2.0 cc;
Long stroke cylinder design

The engine featured in this page is a Ronald Valentine replica copy.
The Dyno runs ever so sweetly,with it's own very unique sound.
The Dyno runs very well on a fuel mixture made up of 3 equal parts of kerosene, oil and ether.
This is an extremely well made engine with very close tolerances and typical fine Swiss workmanship.
The visual resemblance to many other early engines is striking, one that immediately comes to mind is the infamous old Deezil but in that case the similarity ends right there..

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this replica of an interesting antique engine.

Dyno 2,0cc diesel , Ronald Valentine copy 2011 - YouTube: ""

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Special thanks to YouTube Channel valic000 and engine collector L.M. Rojo, for material shown in this page. 

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