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Monday, October 10, 2011

Frog 149 Vibra-Matic 1.5 cc diesel

Circa 1955 

Design History :-
Designed and manufactured in GB in the 1950's

Design Features:- 
* This is a rear induction Frog 1.49cc reed or clack valve diesel engine.
* This engine was one of the easiest starting yet reasonably powerful 1.5cc diesels of the 1950s


Frog1501.5ccdieselEngine Reviewed Model AircraftOct-51Chinn

The Frog 1.5 is an easy to use small diesel engine. Frog has a good name and they have been producing fine engines for years. It was a big company based in London England where they produced a lot of things, including  many toys as well as a line of fine model engines.  FROG actually stands for: "Flies right off the ground". ( I was surprised,when read this!)
Ithe Vibra-matic is a lovely little engine.and they were very popular in their day.

Click the play button below to view a short video featuring the starting and running of this interesting little engine

Frog 149 vibranatic 1,5 cc diesel aprox 1955 - YouTube: ""

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Special thanks to YouTube Channel valic000, and Engine Collector J.M.Rojo for material shown in this page. 

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