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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Russian Uctkam 2.5 cc Nitro Team Racer

ManufacturerUSSR (CCCP)
DistributedUSSR (CCCP)
Series / Serial No.3239
Year of manufacture1990
Displacement2.47 cc (0.151 cu. In.)
Bore15 mm. (0.591 in.)
Stroke14 mm. (0.551 in.)
Power classGlow
Type of carburetorFixed (no speed control)
InductionFront rotary valve (crankshaft)
Inner bearingIf
Outdoor BearingIf
Crankshaft to crankcaseIf
Crankshaft on bronzeNA
FuelAlcohol / Oil
ConditionNew in Box
CommentsMotor racing manufactured to the standard established by Rossi for speed motors.Assemble a group standard steel jacketed and cast iron piston Schnürle blot, button plug cylinder head according to Russian and crankshaft model on two ball bearings. Cone has to be cut to adjust to the propeller.
The running of this engine was less impressive than I had anticipated. I had waited for a complete season to acquire a tuned pipe that would fit this size of engine and in the end I could not even discern any improvement in the engines running performance, with and without the pipe. The maximum speed that I recorded during the session was a disappointing 13,000 R.P.M.
I was not expecting anything amazing since, I knew that I was running a new engine; however I was expecting something in the range of 18,000 to 20,000 R.P.M
Perhaps it will loosen up with time; after I put 5 or 6 more tank fulls of fuel through her. Turning it over by hand: it doesn't seem to be overly tight or exhibit any suggestion of badly fitting parts, but I do feel some interference approaching D.T.C.; sort of like the squish one feels in a well fitting diesel or an ABC piston cylinder setup.
Before running the engine again I will take it apart and inspect for foreign material left behind during the manufacturing process. I have been alerted by my friend Peter, that this step is strongly advisable before running a Russian engine. He has written of finding burrs and filings in his new engines on tear down before running. I don't think that any damage has been done in this case, but a quick removal of the backplate and an inspection for evidence of undue ware is the least that I can do in this case. And hopefully I will find that everything is fine~~my only excuse that I can offer for my negligence in this case is; I have been spoiled by the quality that I have grown to expect from other engine manufacturers.


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  1. I would definitely remove the shirt sleeve from the reach of the propeller.