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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Russian Junior CO2 Motor

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The Junior Motor comes complete and in ready for mounting and flight. The box includes a smooth working charging adapter, which does the job every time without leaks and wasted gas which is often not the case with other motors. Also included is the CO2 tank and tubing. There is also a repair kit which includes a excellent selection of spare parts for items that tend to wear out over time. The operating manual is entirely written in Russian  which may at first  seem to be a disadvantage to those of us who don't understand a word of Russian, but it is really not, Tthe booklet is so well illustrated one has no trouble understanding how the motor works and how to maintain and operate it.

Displacement of 0.27 cubic centimeters Useful speed range of 3000 plus or minus 500 revolutions per minute;
Propeller size 178 millimeters.
I have tried quite a few different types of CO2 motors for powering my tiny flying model airplanes, some cheaper and others considered expensive, but I have found none better than this Russian made CO2 Engine recommended for model airplanes up to 28 inch wingspan.

Click the Play Button of the object below to view a short video clip of the the Junior motor running as mounted in a 28 inch free flight model airplane.

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  1. Hi, I have one of those motors, and I think the same airplane. But the propeller attachment to the crankshaft broke and I'm looking for a repair solution. Can you help? Email me at natemccord@comcast.net please.