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Monday, January 11, 2010

O&R 23 Deluxe Antique Model Airplane Engine

Glow Version

Manufactured in 1949 by Ohlson and Rice this upgraded glow version of an ignition engine features a roller bearing supported crank shaft and front intake. Click on the object below to watch this old girl run again.

Ignition Version

O & R Motor F 23 (1948)

Technical data:

O & R Model 23
Ohlsson and Rice Mfg manufacturer. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Distributed by Ohlsson & Rice Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Series / Num. 444 612 Series
Year of manufacture 1948
Displacement 0,232 cu. in. (3.80 CC.)
0.6875 in diameter. (11-16 in.) (17.46 mm.)
Bore 0,625. (5/8 in.) (15,875 mm.)
Spark ignition type  (later Glow)
times 2
Fixed type carburetor unregulated
Intake valve rotatable front (crankshaft)
Inner bearing Yes - Thrust
No outer bearing
No crankcase crankshaft on
If crankshaft on bronze
Gasoline / Oil (Nitro and Castor for glow version)
Used Condition
Comments engine with front-admission through the crankshaft, has all the features of Ohlsson,cooling fins integrated into the sleeve with integrated cylinder head. It has a thrust bearing between the crankshaft and the crankcase. All features developed by this brand and copied by many of its competitors.

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