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Monday, January 11, 2010

O&R 23 Deluxe Antique Model Airplane Engine

Glow Version

Manufactured in 1949 by Ohlson and Rice this upgraded glow version of an ignition engine features a roller bearing supported crank shaft and front intake. Click on the object below to watch this old girl run again.

Ignition Version

O & R Motor F 23 (1948)

Technical data:

O & R Model 23
Ohlsson and Rice Mfg manufacturer. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Distributed by Ohlsson & Rice Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
Series / Num. 444 612 Series
Year of manufacture 1948
Displacement 0,232 cu. in. (3.80 CC.)
0.6875 in diameter. (11-16 in.) (17.46 mm.)
Bore 0,625. (5/8 in.) (15,875 mm.)
Spark ignition type  (later Glow)
times 2
Fixed type carburetor unregulated
Intake valve rotatable front (crankshaft)
Inner bearing Yes - Thrust
No outer bearing
No crankcase crankshaft on
If crankshaft on bronze
Gasoline / Oil (Nitro and Castor for glow version)
Used Condition
Comments engine with front-admission through the crankshaft, has all the features of Ohlsson,cooling fins integrated into the sleeve with integrated cylinder head. It has a thrust bearing between the crankshaft and the crankcase. All features developed by this brand and copied by many of its competitors.


  1. Just got one of these.

    have no idea how to run it.

    Too many wires!

    1. The best way is to remove the spark plug and find a glow plug that fits or a bushing/adapter to match threads. All these are available on eBay eg. Run it rich on well oiled nitro and it will run like a charm.