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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The PAW 2.49 CC Diesel (15 size) RC Model Airplane Engine

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The PAW 2.49 CC Diesel RC Model Airplane Engine

Circa 1985

PAW 15 R/C

PAW 15 R/C

Design History:-
Designed and Manufactured in England by the Progress Aero Works, of Macclesfield.

Design Features:-
Front induction; radial porting; simple effective carburetor; radial exhaust ports and exhaust collector ring with variable exhaust muffler positions

Displacement: 2.47 cc
Bore 15.16 mm
Stroke: 13.67 mm

The PAW 2.49 CC Diesel has been the most reliable and easy starting engines in my collection. I was so impressed with it that I ordered two more to power a scratch built JU 52 tri-motor (another unrealized dream of mine). The first big drawback with diesels is a source of fuel. Living here, in North America we have almost no access to commercial Model Diesel Fuel for running our model Airplane Engines, so ......What can we do???? I found that common, easily obtainable items like; scented lamp oil, castor oil and cold weather Quick Start (ether), when combined in approximate proportions (60% 20% 20% respectively), will make a acceptable, alternate source for model diesel fuel. I have since found, that these three ingredients will work very well in combinations up to equal parts, of 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3. You can see one of my engines running on the 60%, 20%, 20% mixture by clicking on the this object.  The follow link  gives ignition temperatures for several  fuels and chemicals and can be used as a guide for selecting  ingredients  for your home made fuel

Fuel Oil No.1 210 410

Number one fuel oil with an ignition temperature of 210 degrees C, looks like it would be a good candidate for replacing the lamp oil in my mixture. It may even work without any ether. I have read elsewhere that another name for fuel oil number 1 is kerosene. I recently bought a can and I plan to experiment with it soon. 


Special thanks to engine collector L.M. Rojo and RC Network, for material shown in this page.


  1. I can replace Ether by nafta?

  2. Hi josias! I don't think so, you will need a volatile liquid with a low combustion temprature . Ether has a combustion temperature of only 160 degrees centigrade, while naphtha requires 550 degrees C to ignite. Possibly Number 1 Fuel oil may work in place of ether, that's something I might try myself sometime.

  3. Hi can anyone tell me how to start engine from initial step by fueling it...i'am having PAW 2.5 engine...and please reply me at venkatesh.pwr@gmail.com

    1. Yeah theres a sequence to starting any diesel. Some differ slightly, although it's pretty straightforward. - Fill the tank and make sure you have full roatation by slowly turning the prop. Then set the needle at three turns and flick it over a couple of times with you index and middle finger whilst covering the venturi with the index finger of your other hand. (Keep your left hand well behind the path of the prop!) Next remove your left hand and flick the prop hard, the engine should start within a few flicks. If however it fails to start prime exhaust and repeat. Upon running turn the needle in 1 turn and back compression off slightly (anti-clockwise) until engine misfires then nip it up just enough for the misfire to dissappear. These are the ideal settings for your engine with your chosen fuel and prop and shouldn't need to be altered hereof. (Needle settings can be altered however in adverse weather conditions)