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Thursday, November 6, 2014


 Sparky from the same company some weeks earlier!
 its small diesel brother 
 Drone Diesel

 a bench run of my Air-o-diesel.

my Air-O-diesel

Published on 2 Nov 2014 Welcome back for a this time no rebuild story, but just a bench run of my Air-o-diesel. The engine is in need of a good overhaul, but yet still in a decent condition for a good run. Last time, 2 months ago I tryed to start the engine, and it was next to impossible to make it run....The compression was so bad, it wouldn't run. After my arm almost fell off, I stopped flipping I decided not too push it...well not until today. I add some extra 15 w 40 engine oil to my standard fuel mix and maybe that will do the trick. So as you see, now it starts pretty easily. Like I wrote in the clip, the USA never got the diesel wave, that got us here in Europe, but still they have made some very good diesel engines, or I should say, compression ignition engines. I have also some small McCoy diesels, and those are really great runners. They are a match, anytime, for a Webra Taifun, or a ED Bee to name a just a few. The fits and finish of the USA model engines are also very good in my opinion...only the one little notorious demon...the Deezil is the exception and it cast a dark shadow over the US model diesel engine community in those early days....Its a real shame, as the concept of the Deezil was not that bad at all. It outran even the E.D Competition Special by a small margin for maximum rpm. This little Air-O-Diesel engine I found on eBay along with its big brother the Sparky from the same company some weeks earlier! It was really cheap, still mounted in a old control line plane! On the battery was a decal...noting the year 1949. The Spark version fired up after the 3rd flick of the prop!...Just like its small diesel brother, a great engine to have and will still have enough life in it to power a plane! It will now in need of a new crankshaft bush, a new piston and bushings for the rod too, on both sides. But its still in decent condition for its age, as you can see from the clip. I hope you enjoy it too. Many thanks for the interest.

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  1. Air - O - Mighty Midget Model Airplane Engine.
    I am looking for an engine like this.
    Can you help?