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Monday, January 5, 2015

Irvine 120 2 Cycle

MADE IN ENGLAND........IRVINE 120 2 STROKE W / PITTS MUFFLER You would be hard pressed to find another one like this, in this condition. This engine was used briefly used in a 120 size FW 190 A with a 72 inch wingspan. Starts easily and runs great. Very clean w/ low run time.
This one with good compression when turned by hand and is also capable of moving a lot of air.
I have been advised that this engine does not tolerate fuel blends that contain nitro-methane because hot burning fuel will cause the big Irvine to overheat, especially when enclosed inside a cowl. It prefers the FAI fuel and will perform very well on this blend.
The back plate mounting set-up is a convenient space saving way to mount the the engine to a firewall

I would have preferred a four mounting screw configuration over the three screws shown above  

Parts for a later version of the engine shown above; I assume they are similar to the parts in my engine however I have not taken this one apart

Engine turns over very smoothly by hand with the glow plug removed

Firmly attached to the end of the work bench with 3 - 4 inch long wood screws

Time for a bench test 

Watch if fly

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