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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bus F- 1.25 cc Diesel Engine

Circa mid 1940's

Design history:-
Designed and manufactured in Czech Republic by Gustav Busek in 1947. 

Design features:-
 Iron piston with steel cylinder sleeve;
Advanced design transfer ports (similar to those of the more powerful Webra engines); and
Manufacturing nice touches (note the ball end on the tip of needle valve)

Bore 11 mm
Stroke 13 mm
Displacement 1.25 cc
Power approximately 0.1 hp
Maximum speed 11,000 rpm

The cylinder is very similar to the J B engine. It has a special transfer system of the ports. Similar to the very powerful Webra engines. This shape of transfer ports results in maximum cylinder filling on the intake stroke; only engines with modern type snuerle porting are more efficient. Take a close look at the needle in the pictures and you will appreciate the extra care that the Czech craftsmen took when they produced these magnificent little gems.
I wrote about some of this in my video clip: about Its slightly cone shaped with a small ball end~~so much extra work,but so lovely!

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  1. I think I just got an early version of this motor off Ebay. I'm excited to get it and take a look! Thanks for the site. Paul