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Friday, November 4, 2011

Cox .020 Pee Wee Model Airplane Engine

Circa 1960's

Design History:-
Designed and manufactured in 1957 by L.M. Cox Manufacturing in Santa Anna California, U.S.A. 

Design Features:-
 This engine is basically a scaled down Baby Bee, it was produced to run on high nitro fuel (greater than 25 %), rear induction with reed valve, generally supplied with an attached fuel tank although not always. Versions were sold with or without a spring starter.The version without is sometimes referred to as "the goose neck" type. There were even throttles and diesel heads developed for this little gem.

Displacement 0.327 cubic centimeters
Bore 7.62 millimeters
Stroke 7.16 millimeters
weight 23 grams
Practical Speed 17,500-18,000 RPM (4.5x2 inch propeller)
Model year 1957


The Pee Wee despite of it's extremely small size is easy to start and has no vices.as long as it is not flooded it will fire up quickly when spun with it's spring starter or even finger propping is effective.When starting a cold engine it is advisable to use some form of applicator for exhaust priming, such as a spray bottle or hypodermic to avoid flooding, a warm engine does not require priming while starting .

Click the play button below to view a couple of short videos featuring the starting and running of a Pee Wee with an exhaust throttle and running with a diesel head fitted.


YouTube nitroairplane
as promised this is my cox pee wee .020 with a davis diesel head and a black thimble drome 5 by 4 prop it now runs very nicely although can be quite a pain to start it can be started without a spring starter but using one is a lot quicker and easier in case you were wondering this is a 1960 pee wee with swan neck crankcase.


Special thanks to YouTube Channel nitroairplane and Engine Collector J.M. Rojo for visual material used in this page. 

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