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Monday, June 12, 2017

1946 Italian MOVO D-2 Diesel

 This old engine came with broken cooling fins so we had to make a replacement a new jacket.
 Examples of other contemporary engines from Italy

 The lovely replica engine below is called the Helium; probably because it is so light weight.

 Engine specifications:

 The infamous DEEZILis a poorly manufactured copy of the little MOVO D-2.

This will be Peter's next major project; build a batch of 10 re manufactured DEEZILS from the box of bones shown below. 

 View below showing the top of the fuel tank.

 There is also a very clever detail; an arrow embossed on the top of the needle valve. How many times would this detail be helpful in  our sessions with model engines?

Published on 27 Feb 2017 A other fantastic classic..The MOVO D 2 from Italy. All over europe was the compression ignition engine,so called diesel on a not to stop wave across the continent.In the USA was the spark ign. engine the first choice,but here in good old europe was, since the break throu from the Swiss DYNO,2cc the model diesel engine on first place to move a car,boat or airplane. I have also the Dezzil in my hand,and when make the clip,suddenly it came up to me,how much they are close to each other in design. Its only from outside some design things,but the concept is exact the same. We will never know,who design the Deezil,but I will be not a surprice..if a G.I after WW2 from Italy bring a MOVO home,and somebody make plans of copy it and make some very good money...|But thats a other story!. More lovely storys on Adrian Duncins website and the fantastic Modelenginenews.org.

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