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Monday, July 6, 2015

Rare Russian LIDER - 1.5 SH Diesel Engine

 Bore : 13,00 mm;
Stroke: 11.20 mm;
Power: 0.21 KW at 24,000 rpm;
Weight: 120 gm.

 The engine is designed to operate on a pressurized fuel system with its large 5 mm diameter venture.

 The cylinder piston combination is an ABC setup.

 The engine is still tight and far from being run-in so we will not run it with a pressurized fuel which it requires to develop maximum power.

 Another Russian classic which we will make a air-cooled head to replace the water cooled one before running. 

Here is a short clip of a new engine that I added to my collection. It's a rare Russian Lider 1,5 ABC diesel. I can find absolutely nothing whatsoever on this engine. From 1990 on, the Russians made a lot very powerful high performace competition engines. The count to this day at best is impressive. But these engines are for the real compeditors and not for the hobby flyer. I could add at least 50 photos from all over Russia of really special and fantastic model engines...especially from 1,5 and 2,5 cc classes. 
The engine is not free up and need also a pressurised fuel suply to get the best out of it, but even so the performance is impressive.......0.21 KW for a 1,5 diesel...!
Enjoy this short run.

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