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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fox 60 Eagle I RC

Motor FOX EAGLE-1 Series 2 60 R / C (1973)

Technical data:

Model FOX EAGLE 60 I
Fox Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer., Fort Smith, Ark., USA
Distributed by Fox Manufacturing Co.., Fort Smith, Ark., USA
Series / Num. Serie s / n
Year of manufacture 1974
Displacement 0.605 cu. in. (9.91 c.c.)
0.906 in diameter. (29/32 in.) (23.02 mm.)
Carrera in .937. (15/16 in.) (23.81 mm.)
Class Ignition Glow
2 Cycle
Type carburetor adjustable (with speed adjustment)
Admission delantera rotary valve (crankshaft)
If bearing interior
If bearing outer
If the crankshaft on the crankcase
The crankshaft on bronze
Methanol Fuel / Oil
Condition New in Box with paperwork
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