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Monday, July 28, 2014

ENYA 60 III BB TV # 7033

Technical data:

ENYA 60 Model III BB TV # 7033
Enya manufacturer Metal Products Co. Ltd., Japan
Distributed by Enya Metal Products Co. Ltd., Japan
Series / Issue Series s / n
Year of manufacture
9.95 Displacement D.C. (0,606 cu. In.).
Bore 24 mm. (0.944 in.).
Stroke 22 mm. (0.865-in.)
Glow Class
Cycle 2
Adjustable type carburetor (with speed control)
Front rotary intake valve (crankshaft)
Methanol Fuel / Oil
Condition New in Box
Comments engine very careful construction. It is an evolution of the Model 60 II (7032) with improved transfer admission. The piston with two rings and flow deflector, crankshaft on ball bearings. Engine purchased in the United States.

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