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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Taifun Hobby MKII 1cc

Published on 9 Nov 2013 Today no rebuild stories as its actually always the same more or less,...except for the unusual rebuilds. I will show enough of them in the future, of course. In the case of the Taifun engines; most of them were made by Hans Hoernlein, they were always special to me since, they were very well made with very nice looks. Soon I will run a 2,5 Meteor and a 3,5 Super by Taifun. Both are early, non colored Taifun diesels. This engine is also a rebuild job for Jose, who is a kind modeller and engine collector from Spain. I am sure that he will love this rebuilt engine. The Hobby was never a real screamer, but was meant to be a excellent starter and a hassle free; rugged engine for the boys, who were new to this hobby....I guess that's why its called the "Hobby". There were 2 types of the MKII. The earlier model has the "teapot" intake ventury and the latter and final version has a round intake, as shown on this model. The 0.10 HP was not a real powerhouse but still more than the JENA 1 cc from one of our earlier featured engines, that I can compare it to..... only 0.08 HP. The scavenging is very similar to COX; 2 exhaust ports, and 2 transfer ports in "cross-flow" configuration. But it seems to be a very docile and dependable engine. Was still used many years after the diesel has vanished from the modeling scene; used as a " Hilfsmotor" or power assist for gliders. Fuel consumption was very modest and it was ideal for a auxiliary engine for a glider. But as you can see here; it starts and runs very well. The prop was a APC 8x4. Graupner recommended for the Hobby a 7x4 for C/L.. and for run in....for free flight a 8x4 is recommended. This engine still needs to be free up, as the piston is new....so the output should increase a bit even more in the next few runs. Shame I made no pictures when I started this project....it was really very bad....but as you see with some new parts it is almost like new again.

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