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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jena 1cc model diesel rebuild project

ENA Motor 1cc Version II
Technical data:
ModelJENA 1 Version II
ManufacturerVEB Carl Zeiss, Jena, DDR
DistributedVEB Carl Zeiss, Jena, DDR
Series / Serial No.s / n
Year of manufacture1960
Displacement0.99 cc (0.060 cu. In.)
Diameter10.7 mm. (0.421 in.)
Career11.0 mm. (0.433 in.)
Power classDiesel
Type of carburetorFixed (no speed control)
AdmissionSubpistón (side port)
Inner bearingIn Front
Outdoor BeIfaringIn Front
Crankshaft to crankcaseIn Front
Crankshaft on bronzeNA
FuelEther / Petroleum / Oil
CommentsMotor built by Carl Zeiss optics manufacturer.This model is characterized by the admission subpistón (piston skirt serves as a valve). It also has ball-bearing crankshaft and radial transfer.

 This example is equipped with a spring starter, the users manual and the box which it came from as purchased new.

 All models of the Jena line of model engines are sold in boxes resembling the one pictured below.

It is very difficult to acquire a perfect example of this rare engine; even the one from my collection has some nasty looking scuff marks on the rear crank case cover.

 Below are shown the other Jena engines in my collection.

 This story is about the rebuild of my friend Jose's engine that on inspection has a lot of problems: a broken crank shaft at the output shaft; excessive play; piston not moving freely and poor compression.
 Below is shown on top my running engine and below Jose's rebuild basket case.

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Jena 1 cc model diesel rebuild project
 Jena 1cc model diesel rebuild project

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