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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Running the Polish Jaskokla 2.5 cc

History and Background:
Year of manufacture 1954
Built as a front through the crank induction and a rear reed valve


Jaskokla 2.5 cc
ManufacturerJaskolka. Poland
DistributedJaskolka, Poland
Series / Serial No.s / n
Year of manufacture1955
Displacement2,5 cc (0.15 cu. In.)

Power classDiesel
Type of carburetorFixed without speed control
AdmissionResonant rear Valve (vibrating membrane)

Crankshaft on bronzeYes
FuelEther / Petroleum / Oil
CommentsOne of the firms that have produced different models and engines in Poland is Jaskolka of  various displacements. This model is equipped with  radial transfer in the cylinder, piston and valve meanita rear resonant admission.


Published on 29 Jul 2013 Again a warm welcome for lovers of old model engines.We look today at a model diesel engine made in Poland around the years 1954/55. Its very hard to find accurate information about the Polish vintage model engines for those living outside Poland. Thanks to a subscriber I found out that the output if the engine is 0,22 hp@13000 rpm The Jaskolka has a good internal finish,but the outside reminds me of the MK 12 b from Russia..Not the nicest castings, but its what's inside,what matters.....right? I was very lucky to find a boxed engine in decent condition..The compression is not the best and the clack valve was stuck from old castor oil which prevented any fresh air from entering the crankcase. After opening up the valve i found it was not sealing 100%. Fixing this took me hours of work to make it work at least somewhat better. The membranes are extremely sensitive for distortion and sealing. I get it working with a lot patience. Also a new piston will soon be made..Maybe I will be lucky one day to find a FRV Jaskolka on E-bay..When I purchased this one on Ebay, there were 4 other engines from the same seller on auction. I missed the FRV version,........BUT!! I got a brand new SUPER SOKOL 5 cc diesel,what is a very interesting engine,because its very nice made,and has a deflector on the piston and a contra piston of course.How they made it?... I let you know...soon! :-) But I am more than happy with this hard too find vintage engine and especially the lovely box! The big brother of the Jaskolka, the Super Sokol will be run soon: here on my channel,with much more rare old model diesels...so stay tuned! I have not always a lot time to make those vids,but I do my best,and I hope you guys like them. Feel free to suscribe if you like old model diesel engines. I hope you like the short clip! See you soon..

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Running the Engine:

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