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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Engine Rebuilding eBook Series

Allbon Spitfire MKI 1cc Rebuild Story
 Allbon Spitfire and Amco 3.5 cc PB Rebuild Stories

Boddo Mills Twin Rebuild Story
 Boddo Mills Twin Rebuild Story

 Engel Rebell 1.5 cc and JON 0.3 cc Rebuild Stories

This Series of eBooks can be read on your laptop or tablet computer (e-Reader or iPad) or printed out if one prefers a hard copy.
These books are packed with: pictures and comments of rebuilding operations; live links to our videos; technical data and information about the rebuild feature model airplane engine. 

This series of books is all about restoring and rebuilding vintage model airplane engines. 
Be one of the first to get your own copies of these truly informative and entertaining reference books.

Review Volume 1  

JON 3 Czech Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
2Making new connecting rod6
3Making a new piston19
4Setting and securing the wrist pin35
5Lapping the piston37
6Engine assembling38
7Engine running-in procedure39

Review Volume 2  

Uctkam 2.5 cc MK 1 Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Engine data4
2Making and installing new main journal bearing6
3Attempting piston expansion by heating16
4Finish machining bronze bushing for press fit18
5Making a new piston and wrist pin24
6Piston lapping procedure27
7Repairing engine timing 28
8Cleaning parts prior to assembly29
9Running-in procedure 30
10 Final observations 33

Review Volume 3  


Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Engine data4
2Repairing rear rotor disc6
3Making new piston 10
4Observations part 119
5Finishing new piston and wrist pin20
6Piston lapping procedure30
7Fitting the wrist pin33
8Running-in procedure34
9Final observations37

Review Volume 4  

Engel Rebell 1.5cc MK 1 Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Engine data4
2Making a new connection rod6
3Pistons being finished8
4Machining rod ends9
5Honing rod end holes10
6Piston wrist pin joint preparation11
7Connecting rod lubrication 12
8Engine assembly13
9Gasket making procedure 14
10 Piston pin setting 15
11Engine run-in16
12Final observations17
13Notes on Manufacturer18

Review Volume 5  

AMCO 3.5 cc BB Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Engine data3
2Engine disassembly7
3Bearing removal12
4Propeller drive removal12
5Cleaning parts13
6Engine run-in15
7Final observations16

Review Volume 6  

Vintage Sabre 1.5 cc Rebuild Project

Table of Contents

ItemTitlePage Number
1Table of contents2
2Engine data3
3Engine disassembly5
4Parts inspection8
5Cosmetic refinishing10
6Making new connecting rod12
7Making new piston 16
7Comparing weights of new and old piston 19
8Correcting cylinder bore anomalies21
9Correcting miss-located transfer ports 24
10 Making new contra piston 26
11Engine run-in28
12Final observations31

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