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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vintage Model Airplane Engines eBook

This Series of eBooks can be read on your laptop or tablet computer (e-Reader or Smart Phone).

This series of books is all about vintage model airplane engines and includes facts, pictures, and videos of a large selection of classic engines. 
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Some featured engine topics included in this volume are: 

        Allan Mercury 3.5cc
Amco 0.87cc MK1
Amco 3.5cc
Amco 3.5cc PB Rebuild
Aurora K 2.5cc
Brown Junior 60
Bus F 1.25cc
Cox 010
Cox 020 Pee Wee
Cox 049
Cox Super Bee
CS Deezil Replica Deezil
Ed Bee MK1 Refurbished
Ed Bee MK2
ED Competition Special 2cc
ED Hunter 3.5cc
ED Bee Mk1
Eisfeld DV 2.5cc
Elfin 1.5cc BB
Elfin 2.49cc
Engel Rebel 1.5cc MK1
Enya 19
Enya 46 4 C
Forster 29
Fox 60 Eagle
Frog 100
Frog 149 Vibra-Matic
Frog 80
Herkimer OK 075 D
Herkimer OK Super 60
Herkimer OK 14
Hirtendberg VT21
Irvine 20
Irvine 20 Rebuild
Jaskokla 2.5cc
JB Bomb 1.0cc
Jena 2.0cc
JON 0.3cc
Junior CO2
K&B 049
K&B Infant 020
Kestrel 1.9cc
KMD 2.5cc
Kratmo 10 4.4cc
Letmo 2.5cc
Map 2.5cc
Micron 2.8cc
Micron 60
Mills 1.3cc MK1
MK 12 B
        MK 12 S Competition
MK 16 Rebuild
MK 17
MVVS 2.5cc
O&R 23 Deluxe
OS 30 Wankel
OS 48 4 C Surpass
OS 50 Max FSR
OS Max H 40 P
Paw 06
Paw 2.49
Pfeffer 0.6cc
Pfeffer 2.5cc
RCV 58 CD Rotary
Sabre 1.5cc
SIM 2.0cc
Super Atom 1.8cc
Super Tiger G 15 2.5cc
Super Tiger G 31 1.5cc
Taifun Foxie 0.44cc
Taifun Rasant 2.5cc
Uctkam 2.5cc MK1 Rebuild
Uctkam 2.5cc Nitro Team Racer
Uctkam 2.5cc Racer
Webra 1.5cc Record
Webra 2.5cc S Rebuild
Webra 61 Silverline/Blackhead
Webra Mach 1 R 2.5cc
Webra Piccollo 0.8cc
Webra T4 40
WenMac 049

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