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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Enya 19 MK V Glow Engine

The Enya 19 IV was Designed and manufactured in Japan in the mid 1960's this engine was considered by those who ran them as being "one tough engine". I remember mine with fondness as it never let me down, easy starting and smooth running. It was the only engine that successfully powered my then new P. E. Norman Designed Fokker Dr 1 Triplane with galloping ghost control system to a beautifully controlled flight.

The Enya 19 IV  featured  a "square " 2 stroke design.

bore/stroke 16mm X 16mm and available only in plain bearing;
0.24 HP at 11,750 RPM

The Enya 19-V Model 4005 was introduced in 1970 featured an "over square design.

bore/stroke 16.5mm X 15mm which was available in a twin ball-race model;
0.28 HP at nearly 13,000 RPM with muffler

Click on the Object below to see the starting and running of this fine old engine.


  1. My uncle gave me an old ENYA 19-V to play with. The piston had rusted to the cylinder and front housing had rusted solid. But I found it a few years later and I am intent on restoring it. I have a list of things to do
    1. Blowtorch it. if it does not work
    2. Leave it in a can of diesel for a week
    3. Leave it in a can of coke.

  2. Remove Carb, Head, muffler and back plate. Spray all parts with Walmart oven cleaner Equate brand, let soak for thirty minutes and flush off with hot water then air dry. Heat crankcase/piston & Rod and crankshaft in oven for thirty minutes @ 400 degrees. Use oven gloves. Engine should turn over now so you can remove the piston and rod. Remove cylinder sleeve. This is a bushed engine so the crankshaft may be gummed to them. If so, Heat in oven again and press the crankshaft out of main housing using a drill press as a press. Do not hammer! Needless to say, overhauling these little engines can be a real pain! Good luck! CB