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Friday, December 10, 2010

MICRON 60 (10 CC)

This was the complete line of Micro engines at the time of their demise in 1979.

 The Micron brand had been in production since the mid 1940's in France by Andre Gladieux, 8 Rue Victor Gelez, Paris XI.

The 10CC/.60CI Micron 4 cylinder made in France in the 70's. This beauty was very expensive even in it's day. The 60 was actually a double twin with 4, 2.5 CC cylinders.

The Micron 4 cylinder 


Displacement !0CC/0.60CI
Engine Type   2 Stroke, Glow
Engine Design  Double Twin
Speed Range 3,000 - 15,000 RPM
Maximum Power  0.90 @ 14,000 HP  

To View a short video clip demonstrating the starting and running this vintage classic just click on the object below.

FOUR cylinder 2 stroke double twin model engine RC


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