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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Letmo 0,6 cc Replica Model Diesel Engine

Design History: The Letmo engine was originally designed and manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1949 to 1950 by Josef Pfeffer in Brno. This replica engine is made and distributed by MP Jet Engines in about 2002.  

Design Features:
Rear induction;
side port;
plain bronze main bearing;
admission is by induction of the skirt of the piston and thus the direction of rotation is unimportant.

displacement, 0.6 cc  (0.0366 cu. In.);
bore, 8 mm diameter. (0.315 in.);
stroke, 12 mm. (0.472 in.)

Observations visual material by YouTube Channel valic000:
Here we have a replica of a well known Letmo 2,5 diesel made by the famous Czech model engine designer Josef Pfeffer. He made so many lovely and quality engines in the past in my home country. I can only say about MP Jet engine...very well made and with perfect finish and fits. I got a filled in guarantee card when I bought some years ago a 2,5 cc diesel from E-bay and that was a very nice runner. I must quit collecting as, I have all ready too many engines at this moment.... but this one was not expensive and free shipping and with extra tank and also prop...so I give myself a "green light"... for just this one last time....somewhere I will find a small space for him. I can highly recommend MP jet diesels. Great engines! Thanks for watching.



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