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Friday, November 17, 2017

Super Atom .99 Model Ignition Engine

 Famous American Model Engine Designer Ray Arden's 0.99 cubic inch spark ignition engine

 Original box  dating back to the early 1940's that contained the test engine.
Bore 0.50 inches;
Stroke 0.50 inches;
Displacement 0.97 cubic inches;
Speed Range 250 - 17,500 RPM

 Test engine shown new in it's box.
 Front 3/4 view of the four variants of the engine shown above.
 Rear 3/4 view shown above.
 The most unique feature of this engine is the piston which incorporates a pressure activated valve to facilitate the flow of the combustion gases to and from the combustion chamber. This feature is explained later in a short video clip.

 Shown above is the side view of the oldest version of the engine with its circular exhaust ports. 

 Shown above are the elements of the external ignition system: high tension lead, coil, condenser and the low voltage hook-up leads.
 Shown above is a schematic drawing of the suggested wiring hook-ups for different applications: free flight, control line etc.

Another unique feature of this engine is the total absence of an needle valve assembly to control the fuel flow to the engine, instead there is a fixed jet and the mixture id regulated by a lever located beneath the crankcase.

Engine mounting setup for the first run of this new-old engine shown above.

The next two short video clips demonstrates the aspiration feature and running characteristics of this engine.

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