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Saturday, September 21, 2013

German Webra 1.5 cc Diesel (Record)

Webra Motor RECORD
Technical data:
ModelWebra RECORD
ManufacturerWebra-Fein-Modelltechnik, Berlin, Germany
DistributedWebra-Fein-Modelltechnik, Berlin, Germany
Series / Serial No.20664
Year of manufacture1956
Displacement1.53 cc (0.096 cu. In.)
Diameter13 mm. (0.519 in.)
Career11.5 mm. (0.453 in.)
Power classDiesel
Type of carburetorFixed (no speed control)
AdmissionFront rotary valve (crankshaft)
Inner bearingNot
Outdoor BearingNot
Crankshaft to crankcaseIf
Crankshaft on bronzeNot
FuelEther / Petroleum / Oil
Conditionneeds rebuild
CommentsMotor manufactured by Webra for many years, extremely simple, but handy when flying. No bearings, with steel casing and radial transfers, along with cast iron piston. The models have been undergoing gradual changes over its manufactured life
Content below by Peter Valicek 

 Bore 13 mm. Stroke 11.5 mm, Featuring full sub-piston induction, Power 0.133 H.P. at 13,800 R.P.M.

 Below we show 3 versions of the Webra 1.5 cc produced at various times over the years when it was in production.

 Below shown with the original box and factory warranty card
 Also was available with an optional exhaust stack 

 This engine was acquired in bad unrunnable condition: having zero compression, excessive big end play and the spray bar was missing completely.  

 Below are the old and new replacement parts we made for this project. 
 The new piston was made just a little lighter than the original.

 The cylinder proved on inspection to be not too bad and needed only a light honing to give the right surface.
 With all new parts finished, complete with a totally new spray bar we are ready for that all important test run. .

Published on 16 Sep 2013 Today I uploaded a rebuild of a small 1,5 Webra diesel.This was a part of a exchange of engines from a friend in Spain. Webra engines were very popular in the 1950-1960. Good quality, great starting and performing engines. Used mostly in the control line planes. It was many hours work to transform it to a performer again, but the results are very nice. The spray bar was later changed with 2 small fuel exit holes and 2 gaskets on the venturi, so now he runs more smoothly at a constant speed. I am sure,the new owner will be happy with it. More engines and projects on my Youtube channel VALIC000......and still a lot will be test run.. I hope you enjoy this little jewel as much as I do.

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