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Friday, December 28, 2012

Webra mach 1 R 2,5cc diesel 1954

Webra Model MACH I
Manufacturer Webra-Fein-Modelltechnik, Berlin, Germany
Distributed by Webra-Fein-Modelltechnik, Berlin, Germany
YOM 1954

2.45 Displacement DC (0.151 cu. In.)
Bore 15.5 mm diameter. (0.610 in.)
Stroke 13 mm. (0.519 in.)
Diesel Power Class
2 cycle
Fixed type carburetor (without speed)
Admission rear rotary valve
journal bearing
Crankshaft on bronze No
Fuel, Ether Fuel / Kerosene / Oil

 This is the first successful engine by Webra and opens to the world market. At that time provides very practical solutions and quality materials. Highlight the rear rotary valve, radial transfer of the steel cylinder and the casting piston.

Published on Oct 6, 2012 by valic000 Another nice Webra from my collection.The Mach 1 R were very well made and powerful engines. Also in the early 1950 this design was considered to be a state-of-the-art engine. Together with its very good fits, like all Webra engines he, was a dominating factor with his easy starting and the great power output. There were 2 slightly changes in the head design some years later, but is basically the same engine. I am almost sure,that the head is re-anodized, as the green color is to bright. Also a new tighter piston should be made to give the engine his full power back. The bigger Webra Bully with 3,5 cc ends the line of the Webra diesel range. Still hope one day to get my hands on a 3,5cc Bully. Thanks for interest. lot more great vintage diesels on my channels.More  to come.Stay tuned!