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Thursday, September 27, 2012

British PAW 2.5 cc Diesel

Version featured in this [age is the RC engine equipped with a primitive but effective throttle and mufti-positional muffler

Design History:-
Designed and Manufactured in England by the Progress Aero Works, of Macclesfield.

Design Features:-
Front induction; radial porting; simple effective carburetor; radial exhaust ports and exhaust collector ring with variable exhaust muffler positions

Displacement: 2.47 cc
Bore 15.16 mm
Stroke: 13.67 mm

This model airplane engine was all gummed up and virtually frozen from years of storage after use. After an hour or so of softening the old oil and turning by hand she is shown here all freed up and anxious to run again.


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  1. Hi, You got your photos mixed. The photo labelled Owat is another Kratmo photo.
    The only Owat is on the photo showing three engines together.