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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aurora K-2.5 Plain Bearing

AURORA K-2.5 engine Technical data: AURORA model K-250

Design History:
Designed and manufactured in Calcutta India circa 1970 by Mr. Suresh Kumar the Great Grandfather of Aeromodelling in India. He also bought the die of Mills .75 and 1.3 diesel engine and the rights to produce the same in India as K75 and K1.3 (The K stands for Kumar, the manufacturer). The Mills engines are  much valued by many Europeans and collectors of Model Airplane Engines worldwide. 

Design Features:
Aurora engines have very high torque and are exceptionally easy starting and handling;
front through the shaft induction;
plain journal main bearing; and
radial transfer ports and exhaust ports.

displacement 2.5 cc  

All models have been test run at the factory before dispatch. These engines represent an excellent value and are ideal for general sport flying where reliability and good handling are so important.


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  1. Very nice and easy engine. I have mills .75, small and easy to start.